Friday, May 26, 2017


Fashion Tips

Fashion Tips #1

Every man and woman, teen and child have to work hard in order to be happy. everyone has to eat clean and workout to be healthy and look good. They have to look better...
The Power of The Stylist

The Power of The Stylist

We have all seen the power of the stylist. Before we knew it, Hollywood stylist Rachel Zoe had Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Ritchie and Jessica Simpson all sporting drapey gowns over wispy thin bodies. One...

What to buy for a Winter Wardrobe…on a Budget!

A lot of my friends (most of whom are uni students) have been asking me how they can update their wardrobes this winter. Being students, we have pretty low budgets so I've composed a...
Gharani Strok Spring-Summer 2004 Collection

What Not to Wear at University

I'm generally not one to criticize what people wear. In fact, I think I've said before that I'm all for expressing yourself through your clothes at uni. But really, I do think some clothes...