29+ Astonishing Bomber Jacket Outfit Ideas

Reignited in 2016, bomber jacket as a fashion trend is gaining some serious attention. Given the popularity of this jacket among young people nowadays and just how ridiculously awesome they look, this trend may continue well into 2020s.

HypeBeast, a pop culture magazine, even went ahead and said that bomber jackets are not part of a trend, they’re timeless wardrobe essentials (paraphrased).

Those among you who are observant must have noticed that I used the word “reignited” at the beginning of this article, and that’s because this is the second coming of bomber jackets. The first time bomber jackets have garnered so much attention and popularity was in the 1980s.

Anyway, check out these outfit ideas and let me know what do you think of them. Cheers.

Bomber jackets don’t clean themselves. Find out how to keep them in their tip-top condition in this practical care guide for bomber jackets.

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