Stylish Glasses Frames

Spectacles and eyeglasses are the other two names of Glasses. Vision Correction and Eye protection are the two main cause of using the glasses. In the age of today, eye protection is the most common issue in the polluted environment. Glasses helps us to keep our eyes safe form the flying debris and invisible dust etc. Some glasses are keep us save from dangerous radiations that can effect the eye site easily. Sun glasses are use for protect the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

Types Of Glasses

Different types of Spectacles are available in market.

  • Corrective Glasses
  • Safety Glasses
  • Sunglasses
  • 3D Glasses
  • Magnification
  • Yellow Tinted Computer / Gaming Glasses

Corrective Glasses 

These Type Of glasses are use by the person over the age of 40 because their lances loss the crystalline elasticity. That’s why doctor  recommend this type of glasses to them to protect and save the remaining crystalline elasticity.






Safety Glasses

This kind of glasses is use by the electrician when they have to perform various task of electricity or harmful rays. It keep their eyes to safe from dangerous rays beam that can effect the eyes.




Sunglasses are that types of glasses that can save the eyes from the sun. The use of sun glasses is high in summer because the sun rays are very much higher in summer than winter. To much designs and style are easily find out in market. A huge variety of sun glasses is available in markets. Mostly the young generation use sun glasses. It is also a part of fashion world now.





3D Glasses

Three Dimension Glasses Are the most popular in today. 3D glasses provide the three dimension illusion to the user. User of this glasses is happy than other types of glasses. Ana-glyph 3D glasses provide the vision of multi- colored of Blue, Green, And Red. This is vision is mostly used in 3D Movies For best result of the movie.




Magnification glasses is use in the profession of Bi-optics or in the bio-optic telescopes. This can be attached with the using glasses. These are also called that self-contain glasses.



Yellow Tinted Computer / Gaming Glasses

This type of glasses is use in the field of computer and use in gaming world. Continues focus on the computer or on games can damage the eye site. So this glasses is used to protect the eyes from the rays that are produced by the computer or gaming screens.



Glasses Frames

Day by day the development is developed in fashion world. Glasses is also the part of the fashion. Different frames of eyes are daily developed, and bring in the market. New generation have the craze of latest fashions. Different brands are working on the the frames.


Different brands have approximately many eye wear brands. Some of them are listed.

  • Ray Ban have 524 products.
  • Oakley have 191 products.
  • Maui Jim have 70 products.
  • Vogue have 132 products.
  • Gucci have 12 products.
  • Bvlgari / Bulgari have 73 products.
  • Hans Stepper have 85 products.
  • Boss Orange have 34 products.
  • RodenStock have 49 products.
  • Callaway have 23 products.
  • Burberry have 41 products.


Some Styles Are also Listed bellow.

  • Browline Glasses
  • Bug-eye Glasses
  • Cat eye Glasses
  • GI Glasses
  • Horn-rimmed Glasses
  • Lensless Glasses
  • Pince nez Glasses
  • Rimless Glasses


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