Winter Edition-How to Style the Teddy Bear Coat

Teddy bear coats are very in style this winter. You might think that this type of coat is difficult to wear or to accessorize because it probably looks too casual for some of you. Let me tell you that there are a large variety of teddy bear coats, such as hooded, oversized, wrapped, etc. Of course, you must choose the right length, the right color and the perfect shape for your body type. I’ve selected a whole range of teddy bear coats that I hope it will inspire you. Here are some combinations you can make, and never go wrong with them:


Trousers are the perfect way to dress up or dress down a teddy bear coat. Jeans are perfect to achieve a more sporty-casual look, paired with a nice and comfortable pair of sneakers. Another option to dress down your pastel teddy bear coat is to wear a pair of ¬†black skinny leather pants, paired with white sneakers. Add a simple black hat and a nice large black leather bag. If you’re more ladylike, choose a pair of skinny pants and pair them with ankle boots. Here are some examples:




skinny cropped pants, sneakers, pastel teddy bear coat

pastel teddy bear coat, skinny jeans, brown pumps, clutch

leather pants, sneakers, brown leather bag accessorized with a faux-fur ball

brown biker boots, leather inspired leggings, handbag

oversized white shirt, scarf, brown clutch, flared jeans, snake print ankle boots

oversized brown teddy bear coat, white-t, skinny jeans, black sneakers

wide brim hat, black chiffon blouse, black leather pants, black leather bag

Dresses and Skirts

It might seem a bit difficult to wear a dress with a teddy bear coat, but keep in mind that there is a large range of skirts and dresses that will make you look gorgeous once you put the teddy bear coat on. You can either choose a midi skirt or a mini dress, but you must be careful with the choice of your shoes, especially the length of your boots because it can ruin your whole outfit. Here are some beautiful looks:

simple ankle boots, black stockings, little black dress with white collar

grey beanie, little black dress, black stockings, high black leather boots

mini black dress, black stockings, black sneakers, felt hat, small handbag

black maxi skirt, black stockings, white doctor martens boots, xl clutch, retro glasses

brown midi skirt, black velvet heels

A-line midi skirt, biker ankle boots, simple pastel blouse, cat-eye sunglasses, clutch

oversized teddy bear coat, printed long dress, high heels, sunglasses

monochromatic look: white beanie, hooded/large collar white teddy bear coat, white mini dress, white sneakers

Source: Pinterest

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