Zodiac Signs and Their Favorite Clothing Items

What happens when the twelve zodiac signs are told to choose their favorite fashion item from their wardrobe? What would they choose? Find out below.

1. Aries

Favorite: Skinny Jeans

Aries women can’t live without their skinny jeans because it allows ease of movement needed in taking on leadership roles. It may be a simple fashion item, but an Aries woman can bring it to a new level thanks to her intense aura bestowed by the fiery Aries sign. Expect her to apply her magic touch to the skinny jeans with trendy boots, a fashionable handbag, and lustrous accessories.

2. Taurus

Favorite: Skirt

A Taurus woman likes comfortable outfits with bold and stylish details. The skirt is her favorite item of clothing, and she makes sure that it has sparkles on them. She is practical and a lover of the physical world. The skirt is a perfect get-up for all her endeavors. In all she does, she makes sure that her outfit makes a statement. So, she usually prefers her skirts sequined to ensure that she is memorable to everyone who sees her.

3. Gemini

Favorite: Coat

The coat is the favorite wardrobe item of a Gemini. She loves to be trendy but changes her fashion mood often. The reason why she adores her coat or jacket is it allows her to change her style quickly should her fashion mood changes. Add-ons like handbags and belts are essential to her style.

zodiac sign favorite fashion item

4. Cancer

Favorite: Dress

A woman of this sign have a deep affection for the past and thus love vintage pieces. She prefers to be poised and polished at all times. The dress is her favorite fashion item because it never fails to give her an appearance of timeless elegance.

5. Leo

Favorite: Capri

Capri is an epitome piece of a Leo woman because it is stylish, well-cut, and elegant. She does not yield from an eye-catching piece that demands attention. Leo woman prefers to dominate fashion with her captivating look.

6. Virgo

Favorite: T-Shirt

The Virgo woman is a minimalist but not lacking in sophistication. She prefers a casual style with subtle attention to detail. T-Shirt is her favorite piece for it inspires creativity where she can portray her polished and timeless style.

7. Libra

Favorite: Blouse

Putting a twist on trends is the strength of a Libra woman. A blouse is her favorite piece. With it, she can either blend or transform into an edgier look. Her sign is the wildest, and she is never afraid to either conform or be unconventional.

8. Scorpio

Favorite: Boots

A woman under this sign is mysterious, brave, and passionate. She prefers a bold and dramatic style polished to perfection. Boots is her preferred piece because it is a proven staple of creativity and passion.

9. Sagittarius

Favorite: Bohemian Dress

The sign of the Archer does not have just one but a collection of bohemian dresses. The Sagittarius woman is free-spirited with an insatiable longing for travel. The Bohemian dress is essential because it allows comfort, thus making it a travel-friendly get-up. She likes to celebrate life in the great outdoors and immerse in cultures wearing an outfit that defines her wanderlust nature.

10. Capricorn

Favorite: Cardigan

A Capricorn woman’s favorite clothing item is a cardigan because it is a simple and sophisticated piece that is both cozy and comfortable. Cardigans can make her look stylish no matter the season, and she prefers it that way. She likes to keep her style basic but with a twist. Women under this sign are responsible, and that makes the cardigan a functional piece for them to perform duties and run errands without spending too much time dressing up.

11. Aquarius

Favorite: Pants

The endless possibilities of pants as an item of clothing serves the vibrant and experimental nature of an Aquarius woman. She is rebellious and never tires herself in matching her pants with a boldly printed ensemble. A pair of pants can always open a door of opportunity for an Aquarius to display her creativity and individuality.

12. Pisces

Favorite: Sweater

A Pisces woman is compassionate, and she enjoys romance. The sweater is her favorite item of clothing because wearing it feels like wearing a warm hug. The style matches her warm and whimsical personality, and it is never over-the-top, which she prefers.