16 Pantone Looks for Outfit Inspiration

Pantone is an amazing zesty shade which can be found between yellow and green. This bold color surely makes a statement. It goes very well with combos and different colors. For example with:

  • Navy and black
  • Navy and white
  • Fuchsia

Pantone can be rocked with your usual casual outfits, or even with date looks. The objective here, is to add it in a chic way, and not too look too colorful. We would like to share with you cute outfit ideas you can try today.

The Looks

You can try a deep V-neck and lace, for example. For something more casual you can try a pleated greenery skirt with a printed shirt and heels, or sneakers.

You can also try a maxi greenery skirt, with heels and contrasting top. This will make you look feminine and trendy. And if it’s quite chilly outside, you can always opt for a sweater dress or a cardigan.


For accessories… one touch of greenery is quite enough, you can opt for an over-sized greener clutch, neon heels. 🙂 A tote will make your look very casual and trendy, or even lime green flats. Other options are:

  • greenery earrings
  • necklace

It will make it easy for you to make a hit on the trends.

Source: Pinterest

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