What to buy for a Winter Wardrobe…on a Budget!

A lot of my friends (most of whom are uni students) have been asking me how they can update their wardrobes this winter. Being students, we have pretty low budgets so I’ve composed a list of staple items to make the most of your money.

Long sleeve tees/knits

I want this knit, but I feel guilty shelling out so much $$$ ($129) for basics. Luckily there are plenty of sales going on at the moment, so you can get a few warm long sleeve t-shirts for as little as $10-$20 each (Giordano have some on sale right now, and Country Road will be on sale soon too [a little pricier, but the cotton/wool {depending on which you go for} is amazing]).


General Pants actually started their sale last Thursday so scurry on in for a bargain! Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t find anything though – jackets can be found at pretty much any store that sells clothes. The average price of a basic one is about $40-$50 or you can find some more fashionable ones at op shops from $5-$25 (the most expensive being leather jackets).


You can pick up hoodies at most clothing and variety stores. Bonds hoodies are really well made and come in a range of styles, including cropped, fleece, and unbrushed fleece. Available colors include both neutral and bright ones, as well as stripes. The price varies from store to store, but the cheapest places to get them are Big W and Kmart, where they retail for $35-$40, or sometimes even cheaper if they’re on sale.

Wrap dresses

These are great to wear with boots, stockings/tights and a nice warm jacket/blazer/coat. The Witchery one above is selling for $139.95, but you can find long sleeve wrap dresses in op shops for a few dollars, or Tightrope has heaps of good ones on sale now at affordable prices.


You can get some of these at Myer or David Jones. Both have a massive range, including footless, opaque, and patterned. A basic black pair like the model’s above will set you back about $10, although Myer is having a stocktake sale at the moment so you could probably get a pair for cheaper than that.


The long cardi on the left is currently on sale for just $19.95 and the chunkier one on the right is now $39.95…yay! With all the sales going on at the moment, I think you should definitely be able to find a nice, warm one for under $50, although hooded ones may be a little more expensive.


Oooh Valleygirl! Gorgeous cheap winter things in there right now, especially waistcoat-type vests, which just make every outfit seem fashionable. Valleygirl is also on sale now, so you should manage to get one for under $20.


I don’t think you can ever have enough boots and a nice pair can make an ordinary outfit look amazing! The glam camel ankle boots above have been slashed to $75!! It’s unlikely that you’ll find a pair of taller boots for under $100, but it’s wise to invest in a good pair as boots are a staple item for every winter, so you’ll get outfits out of them every year.

I would try and have a good shop around very soon as there are SO many winter sales going on! With a couple of hundred dollars, you should be able to stretch your money and get yourself a new winter wardrobe that you can wear throughout.

Source: Pinterest