What Not to Wear at University

I’m generally not one to criticize what people wear. In fact, I think I’ve said before that I’m all for expressing yourself through your clothes at uni. But really, I do think some clothes are inappropriate for uni:

Bottoms that Show your Bottom

Gharani Strok Spring-Summer 2004 Collection

These include hotpants, minis, and buttcrack-revealing bottoms. When I talk about hotpants and minis, I don’t mean all mini shorts or skirts. I mean the ones that are short enough that half your heiny is visible.


High Heel Pin-Up Photography

What’s most annoying is that many of the girls wearing them will then go on to complain to their friends about the “gross guy that was totally perving”. Why does this annoy me? Because getting dressed is a conscious choice that you make for yourself (unless you have some overbearing partner or parent who decides for you, in which case you have much bigger problems) and if you choose something revealing, you WILL attract attention.

Whether it’s positive or negative attention is not for me to predict, but please don’t wear such clothes to uni.

My eyes quite simply cannot handle it. In the same category is bottoms that show butt cleavage, and actually, this doesn’t just apply to uni. Admittedly, I love my super low bottoms and have had to pull up my pants on occasion. If I feel my jeans sliding down, I will make the effort to pull them back up, and I apologize to anyone who has ever had to catch a glimpse before I’ve had the chance to do so.

But it becomes truly unpleasant when individuals sit in the same position for a significant duration with their butts hanging out for the world to see, such as during lectures. Honestly, how can you not know that half your arse is exposed? Do you not feel the breeze?!


Black patent platform stilettoes

Black patent platform stilettos

I think stilettos are the bomb and wear them frequently when I go out. But uni’s not the place for them. I cringe every time I see girls trying to teeter up or down stairs, stumble around, or on the worst occasions, actually fall over and hurt themselves. Granted, some girls are exceptional at walking in stilettos and I commend them for that, but for those who aren’t, please please don’t wear them to uni. Dressing up for uni doesn’t have to be dangerous!




Hupyee bikini

As far as I know, uni’s not a catwalk for Speedo. I don’t understand girls who wear bikini tops to uni in summer. Yes, it is hot, but would it melt you to put on a singlet over your bikini?

I think that’s all, but please note that I’m not trying to criticize or judge anyone’s style with these comments. I’m merely stating how and why they’re unappealing to me. If you are one of the people who wears the above to uni, I apologize if I sound harsh. If you’re genuinely out of ideas on what else to wear, perhaps you’ll find this post helpful.

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