3 Tips to Furnish a New Look to Your Wardrobe

Every fashion enthusiast dreams about a rich and diversified wardrobe, not to mention about some nicely organized shelves and drawers. Everything is supposed to inspire and help you whenever you need a new outfit. However, there are numerous situations when you simply cannot afford to step inside your wardrobe and change it, while your current outfits may not always have the maximum potential.

The limited budget is not always the definitive factor. On the other hand, the fact that you got no clue how to organize your clothes and accessories in order to have everything at your disposal might be the cause. Fortunately, there are a multitude of simple ideas to organize your wardrobe without spending a fortune or being an expert in fashion.

  1. Organizing your clothes

One of the best criteria to organize your clothes is the color. When you got everything arranged like that, picking the right outfit or combination becomes piece of cake. You no longer have to look in every drawer for the perfect top or shirt.

Another more effective method implies organizing your clothes by type – casual dresses, knitting dresses, office skirts, long sleeve blouses, clubbing tops and so on. If you find it too difficult to remember where each category is, you can always add a few labels on the respective shelves or just pin them.

The jeans are extremely diversified in every lady’s wardrobe and the good news is that they do not crumple. Therefore, you may roll them and place them in a drawer, a shoe box or even one pair on top of another. It is an effective method to save some room for other accessories, but also to have a maximum visual access when you look after the perfect pair for a particular occasion.

If you think that coat hangers represent a very useful solution, one of the major inconveniences is the fact that some shirts, jackets or blouses will slip away, especially if the respective hangers are not fitted with anti slippery systems. Therefore, you may always use a very simple and effective solution – clothes pegs.



  1. Solutions for the underwear

Most people drop the underwear in a couple of drawers without thinking about a proper organization. Your bikinis, bras or socks are just as important in your wardrobe, even if they are not as visible as the rest of your outfit.

They basically build the skeletal system of your wardrobe. A proper bra can easily underline the beautiful cleavage of a dress, while the bikinis must not be visible if you pick a white pair of pants. Therefore, do not neglect the underwear and pay attention to its organization. The old shoe boxes represent a very effective solution because you can place them in a few drawers or on a shelf. In other words, you need a special spot for each of these categories.



  1. Making room for your shoes

A lady can never tell that she has too many pair of shoes. For a woman, the shoes represent the most important and versatile accessories. Therefore, they must be visible and nicely organized.

An original idea that saves both space and money implies mounting tight shelves on the walls to hang your shoes. If you have a few wired coat hungers you cannot use for your clothes, cut and twist them to build some simple, yet good looking hanging supports.



The wardrobe can be extremely diversified and aside from clothes and shoes, all the other accessories are just as important:

  • Scarfs and gloves – Get a few plastic rings and use one for each of your scarfs, then hang them against the bottom side of a coat hanger. You may also mount a few nails on the internal sides of your wardrobe doors. As for gloves, the hanger is yet again your best option, but gets a few clothes pegs too, since gloves cannot stay suspended on a ring.
  • Bags – If you have a few belts you no longer use, drill them and hang them against your bedroom door. Use the holes to support some S shaped clamps and hang your bags.



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