Casual Messy Hairstyles

You must admit it! You’ve run late many many times in your life and arrived at the specific place not so good looking, or not so well put together. We’ve all been there. Here are 21 ideas to make yourself look presentable without much effort. Another plus for these hairstyles is that it will never be the same, next time you try doing it.


Top knots and messy buns are very chic, no matter what kind of outfit you wear. For instance, a top knot looks very good if you’re having a casual day and you don’t want your hair to get in your way, but still look cute; another way to rock the messy bun is to wear it with a  stylish, elegant dress. This way you won’t look like you’ve put too much effort in composing your look and it also looks very natural. Some people might say it looks like you just got out of the shower, but in fact, they wish they could have pulled off this hairstyle. If you are a teenager and want to look sexy but cute at the same time, without losing your innocence, try the two top buns!

Half Up-Half Down

This hairstyle features a small knot on top and the rest of the hair is down. The knot contains mostly hair from your “crown”…. yes! Because you are a princess! This look is suitable for casual outfits, for going to parks, chilling with your friends, for going to school, etc.

Other Messy Hair Options

Messy ponytails are trending right now on every fashion show. Good thing is that they are easy to recreate. They can be high or low, depending on the event you’re going to. For instance, a high ponytail can be worn with a chic, more casual look and a low messy ponytail could be rocked at your work place, even with an elegant outfit, such as a pencil skirt, white shirt, and a blazer. Another idea would be the messy braids, but keep in mind that they are a bit more time consuming than the other ideas presented.




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